Sober living

The Stages Of Alcohol Intoxication

When you’re in this state, you’re friendly, engaging, fun to be around. You’re having a good time and others are probably enjoying your company.Verbose means wordy. In the verbose stage, you may tell entertaining stories, may be enjoying the sound of your own voice. You may still be enjoyable to be around, or you may be veering toward obnoxiousness. Maybe you’re going on a verbal tear, repeating...

Stages of Alcoholism: What are the Criteria and Dangers?

Because of this, an individual’s addiction to alcohol will progress over time. While every alcoholic will have an individual experience, varying in severity, there are . Most adults will not experience any negative effects from drinking a few glasses of beer or wine or shots, even if they drink this amount of alcohol daily. It is when the volume of alcohol consumed keeps increasing, and alcohol tolerance...

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