About Tower Home

In an ideal world: the process of buying and selling real estate should be simple, straightforward and streamlined. A signature here, a handover there, and you’re all set. In reality: things can get quite vague between understanding industry jargon, figuring out dreamy promises and dealing with ceaseless market shifts.

Tower Home aims to replace what’s real with the ideal by leveraging decades of expertise, and fusing that with distilled, direct and decisive market data and information to give you a simple yes or no approach to real estate. 

Tower Home is, in short, a data-heavy real estate brokerage and consultancy firm run by some of the finest masterminds in the Egyptian real estate world. We take the customer on a journey that starts and ends with expert guidance, modern tech and first-hand market data. Whether you’re a new buyer, a cautious seller or a seasoned developer; you’ll have 20 years of real estate expertise on-call at all times.
Working with both sides gives us a few distinct advantages; we know what the customer wants, now and beyond. To that end.

Tower Home revolves around a 3Cs Promise: Customer Centric Commitment. Our clients can rest assured that they’ll have a steady stream of selective products, services, information and prime decisions round-the-clock, as well as exclusive added value offerings for the discerning customer.


Our Services

Empowering the Buyer

Life involves many a challenging decision, and home shouldn’t be one of them. Tower Home customer centric commitment helps simplify and streamline the buying process when it comes to prime real estate.
Our real estate consultants listen carefully to the buyer’s needs and leverage their expertise and Tower Home marketing intelligence data to present best-fit solutions. Buyer interests are perpetually at the core of everything we do.

Navigating the Investor

Lucrative opportunities are all around us, hidden in plain sight.
Tower Home helps expose and utilize such opportunities for both starting and seasoned investors of all scales.
By fusing the proficiency of our real estate experts with their deep market insights, investors are presented with unique opportunities that reap the returns they aspire for and enable them to expand their capital.

Emboldening the Developer

Setting oneself apart from the masses is a challenge for developers in the Egyptian market. That’s why Tower Home dedicates its resources, staff, and valuable market information to help developers excel with both audiences and investors.
Through seasoned marketing and sales teams, refined research and insights, and accurate consultancy, our advisors are able to provide developers with unique selling propositions that are competitive, desired and lucrative.

Why Developers Choose Tower Home

Every passing day poses a new challenge for the modern day real estate developer. Whether it’s carving out a niche in a crowded field, catering to ever-evolving market shifts, or exponentially growing quality standards; our goal is to keep you ahead of the curve.
Partnering with Tower Home grants developers a wealth of exclusive services and benefits:

First-hand market information with real-time statistics and trend tracking.
In-depth internal and external assessments and reviews to maintain and improve service quality.
A full complement of highly trained agents skilled in investment, wealth management and more.
Tech-forward techniques for rich and convenient two-way communication with continuous feedback.
Real added value solutions to give your business an edge in an already crowded market Cut costs by eliminating in-house sales teams and relying on decades of honed brokerage and consultancy.

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